Why use LED Light Bars?

Recreational Off Road Light Bars

Off road light bars are used mostly on Land Rovers, trucks, jeeps, four-wheelers, SUV’s and many other recreational vehicles. If you have one of these vehicles here at LTPRTZ we offer a variety of sizes and features to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for.

Don’t get caught without enough light! Not having sufficient lighting in any off-road environments can be extremely dangerous. If you’ve ventured off of the beaten path, you need to be prepared by having the best lighting available. LTPRTZ off-road lights are designed to illuminate the road to make sure you are driving with peak visibility. LED off road lights are also a must in emergency situations; making sure that you are fully prepared for all scenarios.

Off-Road Dangers at Night: Why Flood and Off-Road Light Bars are essential

When it comes to off-roading, night time is particularly hazardous. When it comes to selecting Off-Road Light Bars or LED Flood Lights for your personal vehicle, it is all about quality rather than quantity. Our line of LED Flood Lights and Off-Road LED Light Bars are perfect for your vehicle. When taking on difficult terrain or using an off-road trail, you need the very best in lighting to make your journey secure but still fun. During night time trailblazing, having the right Flood Light or LED Bar can not only improve your field of vision, it can illuminate problems areas and hazards you might otherwise miss. This can save you from a potential accident and avoid damage to your vehicle. Why take chances with your Off-Road vehicle when the installation of a LTPRTZ LED Bar can be the difference between a fabulous experience or a possible trip to A&E!

Choosing the Right Installation of Off Road LED Lights

Off-road lights can be mounted on the grille, the roof and even on the sides of your vehicle. Be sure to consider the size and shape of your vehicle when deciding which LTPRTZ lights to purchase. As you consider the size and location of LED off-road lights, also think about the way that these lights will be used. Correct installation can make all the difference and will make sure our products are working to maximum performance.

LTPRTZ have a selection of powerful off-road light bars for you. Whether you’re out camping, fishing, or exploring, keep yourself and your family and friends safe with the highest quality off-road light bars available.

Why Choose External Emergency LED Light Bars?

When it comes to high output light bars, nothing beats a LTPRTZ LED bar. From the tough, durable design to the reduced power draw versus traditional light rigs, no traditional light will beat the long lasting power of an LED. Our products range from the LTPZ-WL105-F 25W LED Work Light, up to the massive LTPZ-TRX50-C 300W LED TRX Off Road Light Bar. With this range of fabulous lights you will be seen in some of the most adverse conditions your off-road vehicle may encounter. The low profile of our product lines will fit seamlessly into your vehicle.

With our technology you will be safer, feel better and see farther.

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