The Rise Of The Pick-Up Truck

Commercial vehicles are a common sight on our roads, coming in all shapes and sizes and for all transport purposes. In recent years they have been joined by a wide variety of off-road vehicles in the form of SUV's and the rather more hardcore pick-up trucks.

Pick-up Truck Advancements

These hardy motors, in single and double cab versions, have been a mainstay of builders and other businesses whose trade takes them on rough terrain.

Lately though, for private buyers who like to lead an outdoor lifestyle or who simply want to dominate the roads, the humble pick-up has turned into a must-have family vehicle.

Manufacturers have not been slow to pick up (sorry) on this trend and the current crop of these off-road capable motors have become much better appointed inside.

Often with robust leather interiors and of course all the very latest in infotainment technology and other creature comforts like parking sensors and cameras. They make great towing units too, with good all-round visibility.

Trucks From The USA

Red Ford F150 Truck

No doubt British buyers have latched onto this idea thanks to the prevalence of these tough four-by-four's in the USA, notably the best-selling and evergreen Ford F150. Where they are commonly used by country folk and those whose like to go hunting out in the wilds, often at night.

This has led to a rise in the popularity of LED lights for trucks, to truly enhance visibility and night vision, with roof-mounted Light Bars being especially in demand.

Why Pick a Pick-up Truck?

Why not an SUV, with its more comfortable ride? Well, they are even more versatile than crossover style vehicles, that's why. Usually these days they offer a four-door crew cab with space for the whole family.

Children love them thanks to the high-riding stance. The load bay at the back can accommodate camping gear, bikes and luggage with room to spare and hard tops are available for extra security.

Trucks can go just about anywhere with switchable four-wheel drive for on-road economy and off-road traction; the best of both worlds.

Not known for being the most fuel-efficient choice, although that has improved greatly thanks to modern engine management, trucks nevertheless have a reputation for reliability and being tough.

They are automotive workhorses that offer a broad package of ability in a single vehicle.

Work Truck Or Play Truck?

We have established that for folk who like to go where the wild things are for the purposes of fishing or camping holidays and the like, a truck is hard to beat but there is another side to the story.

Some folk just like to make an impression on the roads; after all a high-riding vehicle gives a dominant view of the road and with the tremendous grip and solid suspension they make for a great choice in winter on treacherous road surfaces.

For work or play though, the need to see and be seen is still paramount. That's why so many pick-up truck users like to augment and improve their motors with the latest in LED lighting technology in the form of headlights, spotlights or, as mentioned above, light bars.


So, when the time comes to select the next family motor maybe more motorists will hear the call of the wild and get into the pick-up truck life!

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