LED Headlights vs Regular Headlights

LED Headlights vs Regular Headlights

Our friends at Ore4x4.co.uk finally get their hands on our new LTPRTZ LED Headlights and put them to the test in a LED Headlights vs Regular Headlights showdown. Please bear in mind this is a totally independent comparison by the team at Ore4x4.

The comparison test was made using 2 Land Rover Defenders. The first a P100 with standard fitted Land Rover headlights. The Second a P90 fitted with new LTPRTZ LED Headlights. In the video you can clearly see the massive difference in driving comfort and safety using the LED Headlights from LTPRZT.

To the Test



Below is is the full transcript from the video to compare LED Headlights vs Regular Headlights.

Land Rover P110 with Standard Headlights

Right guys gonna do one more video before we take the original lights out of our project 110 that we've been using to compare to the new lights and our project 90. I’m gonna do one last drive out at night, with a little bit of commentary so I'm gonna try not to bore you too much. I'm going to stop at various points and I'm gonna do the same run in the new vehicle with the new lights and hopefully you can see in real time how they look.

Under Starters Orders

So I've just pulled up in a bit of a country lane here. That’s standard beam, that's full beam and that finish you can see at the bottom of this grass driveway is about roughly 30 metres away. It's still very dull as you can see there's quite a lot of light right up the front of the vehicle, but other than that we look ahead and it's very difficult to see and the lights not very focused.

So I'm gonna go and drive up the lane now. Right just found a nice little quiet country lane so hopefully we won’t run into too much traffic coming towards us. As you can actually see I’m literally sat on the edge of my seat looking out, we're doing 20-25 mile an hour and I can't see anything. Just put main beam on now, that makes a difference obviously, you can see the hedge. It's not very bright though, go back to standard. I literally can see the edges of the apex bend coming up.

No Light Up Ahead

Main beam again, you see those white markers, dipped beam just tends to illuminate immediately in front of the vehicle and to the left and right not giving me a great deal of light ahead. There's a bend you probably can't see his. I can just about see it, when we put the main beam on we can see it.

LED Headlights vs Regular Headlights - The Verdict

Land Rover P90 with LTPRTZ LED Headlights

Right guys we just jumped into our project 90 with our new lights in it stopped at the same first place that little green lane and as you can see much brighter far greater light intensity, much better pattern and the brightness of your light goes much further down the lane. I can actually see the bottom of the lane without putting main beam on. If I put main beam on, I mean that's just a ridiculous difference.

Obviously you can see it's a much brighter whiter almost blue light and it's far more evenly spread in terms of how bright it is. So we're just trying out the same Lane as we've just been down before. Right guys same stretch of country lane. I think I've started at the same time and as you can see massive difference. Just gonna put the main beam on, I mean look at that.

Massive Amount of Difference

This project 19 has been tweaked shall we say by Gareth at Empire so it’s pretty quick. Its good we've got some distant lights on this otherwise I would be really struggling. Back to standard beam, back to main beam - A massive amount of difference and I must stress that these are clearly road-legal headlights E marked and also they passed the MOT a couple of weeks ago. I mean it's ridiculous fantastic bit of kit from our friends at LTPRTZ. I actually can't believe the difference.

LED Headlights vs Regular Headlights compare for yourself

Here's the final clincher. A quick split screen comparison with the Standard Land Rover lights in the top screen. The bottom screen showing the LTPRTZ LED Headlights.


With our technology you will see better, farther and be safer.

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