Advantages of 4WD Vehicles

The powertrain is the mechanism that makes any motorised vehicle move, which includes the engine and the drivetrain, however the drivetrain is the mechanism that makes only the wheels move.

There are three main types of drivetrain mechanisms which are rear wheel drive, front wheel drive, and four wheel or all wheel drive.

A 4WD vehicle is much more preferred over the 2WD 4x4 due to the increased stability to grip on the road surface easily. A 4WD simply means that all the rear and front wheels combine their powers to push the vehicle forward easily. They act in simultaneous motions, hence making the car more powerful to move on any road surface. If you are out in the market to get a new 4x4, therefore, you need to factor in such abilities. The 4WD cars are a bit more expensive but indeed are worth the extra expense.

Below are some of the key advantages of the 4-WD system:

1. Improved traction in off-road driving

The 4-WD system gives the vehicle momentum to maintain a stable grip on the road surface in poor roads. The vehicle is thus able to tackle challenging off-road conditions hence able to drive through steep slopes or very muddy roads. The 4×4 vehicles are more preferred for use in the countryside where roads are very rocky and hardly passable by the 2-WD cars.

2. Added safety

Vehicles with these 4 WD are considered to be safer as compared to the 2-WD cars. The drivers have increased power to control the vehicle hence ensuring you of total safety while driving on the dangerous roads. Most off-road 4WD vehicles are designed with elevated heights hence providing improved vision on the road to easily identify any developing hazards as they occur in the roads.

3. Additional weight attributing to a better grip on the road

With the additional weight on the wheels, the car is able to maintain a better grip on the road hence improving your safety while driving off-road.

4. Better overall performances

The 4-WD system gives you a better 4x4 driving experience. The improved traction and stability give you some secure driving experiences. The vehicle will have more power safely drive through all risky roads that you need to travel in. Although you should be aware that fuel consumption is slightly higher with 4WD compared to 2WD.

Land Rover Discovery getting muddy off road

Get the Extras

Other safety features to look out for on your vehicle to enhance your driving experience would be the lighting system. If you are thinking of taking your 4WD vehicle off-road then it is imperative you choose the optimum system. We recommend fitting either LED Light bars on the roof, or if your vehicle comes with bull bars, LED spotlights are a good choice. They can easily be fitted as an extra and are not only an enhancement to night time driving but also to the overlook of your vehicle. If you are choosing an older 4WD vehicle you may want to think about swapping the headlamps with something that throws off more light, replacement LED headlights will certainly help in this situation.

LED Lights fitted to roll bar

To Conclude

Most 4-WD vehicles are designed with some extra features that improve your driving skills on all kind of roads but be sure to add the essential extras to make your driving experience better. The 4-WD system does not only enhance your safety while on the road but also makes it more comfortable and convenient to drive. If your budget is not restrained, and you don't mind the slightly higher fuel costs, the 4-WD vehicles are worth buying. Simply find the best car dealer who can help you find the best 4x4 model on the market.

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